Invitation to a Free Online Session


I am inviting you to join my 3rd  Online SESSION.

Creating a Good Language Test.

On 22 / 12 / 2016, at 4.00 PM, Egypt Standard Time ( GMT + 2 ) .

It’s a 40-minute FREE Session Online !!!

I’m going to tackle the following points during it:

* Reasons for Testing During English Language Course.

* What Should be Tested in the Language Test?

* Characteristics of a Good Language Test.

* The Cycle of Creating a Good Language Test.

* General Tips for Creating Good Test Items.

* Tips for Constructing MCQs.

* Tips for Constructing True/False items.

* Tips for Constructing Matching items.

* Tips for Constructing Completion items.

* Tips for Constructing Short-Answer Questions.

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The Importance of Testing During EL Course

There are many good reasons for testing during Eglish language course. We usually conduct a test for one or more of the following:

1- Collecting information about where students are in their learning to decide what should be covered next.

2- Deciding whether teaching is effective or not ( Assessment of teaching )

3- Highlighting what needs to be reviewed. ( Which parts need to be revised )

4- Giving pupils a sense of achievement ( What they know / What they should know )

5- Giving pupils a learning opportunity after what have been done ( The test is a review in itself )

6- Assessing pupils’ strengths and weaknesses indicating which skills pupils are good at and which ones they need more practice on.

7- Giving feedback to parents, other teachers, the school, the principal …… to all who matter.

8- Discovering what pupils have already learned and what they still need to learn.

9- Deciding what to teach next and which methods should be used.