Invitation to Join My Second Virtual Class on WizIQ

virtual class

I am inviting you to join my second FREE virtual class on WizIQ:

“Using Video to Teach EFL and Culture”

On 7/12/2014, at 3.00 PM, Egypt Standard Time (GMT + 2)

This Class shows teachers how to exploit videos in the classroom to teach EFL and raise cultural awareness as well.

I’m going to tackle the following points:

  1. EFL vs. ESL.
  2. Traditional EFL teaching vs Teaching EFL in a cultural context.
  3. What is culture and how it is related to language teaching.
  4. What is video and benefits of using it in teaching EFL & culture.
  5. Approaches of using video in teaching EFL.
  6. How to use video in EFL classes – Ways & Stages.

Only 10 attendees will be allowed to join the class on a first-come-first-served basis.

You would need a ‘headset’ to listen and a microphone for audio interaction.

The link to the class is:

Your attendance gives me pleasure.

Mohamed Ramadan.


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