THREE Ways of Giving Feedback in Process Writing

writing process1

There are three main ways of giving feedback to students when using process approach to writing. They are as follow:

1. Teacher editing:

This is more suitable for beginner students who start writing. The teacher should do the editing and the proof-reading with students to provide more guidance and set an example.

2. Peer-editing:

Here, the texts should be interchanged and the editing is done by other students. Students exchange their papers and comment on each other’s papers as it is common for writers in the real life to ask their friends or colleagues to check their writing for any mistakes.

3. Self-editing:

It is very common for writers to miss their own mistakes so it is recommended to leave their texts for a night, empty their mind and deal with some other work then they return to their papers with clear mind to start the process of self-editing. In the classroom environment, we can have students write their essays one day, collect the papers and provide students with the checklist of the editing and proof-reading features. The next day the teacher can have students edit and proof-read their texts themselves or in pairs or with the help of the teacher if they are beginner students.

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One thought on “THREE Ways of Giving Feedback in Process Writing

  1. Kindly guide me about summary testing a am not sure about its advantages and disadvantagsles.. In writing, a summary test is condensing & in marking an impressionistic and analytical approaches improves the validity and reliability of sub-test when examined…. Am confused b/w the merits and demerits of this test…help me asap .. Thanks alott

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